Warcaster Arc Geyser Playmat

PIP 86003

Privateer Press

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The tropical paradise known as Konesta is legendary for both its vast Arc reserves and the remnants of ancient alien architecture hidden in the depths of its teeming jungles. It is said that Konesta was one of the last strongholds of the Architects before they departed forever for Cyriss Prime. Konesta is nominally held by the Iron Star Alliance, and its great Arc trawlers mine Arc from the geysers here. Those who spend too much time on Konesta are known to develop a preternatural keenness of the senses said to be the result of sustained exposure to raw Arc. This sensory acuity eventually gives way to a deep rooted and dangerous disorder characterized by extreme paranoia and the desperate need to escape Konesta and its jungles at all costs. The old miners simply refer to this as “the Arc sickness.”

Shipped rolled in individual tubes, Arc Geyer neoprene fabric playmats measure 48" x 48" when flat. Comes with a rules insert map key.