The Lords of Erebor™: Thror, The Last King Under The Mountain & Thrain


Games Workshop

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Thror was the king of the Lonely Mountain at the height of its glory. Possessor of the Arkenstone and a ring of power, he was gold-hungry – a fact that bound him to his eventual fate. In spite of his failings, however, he was a powerful warrior and a goodly king, and as such his kinsmen followed him willingly into battle. His son Thrain is a grim Dwarf warrior who bears the scars of many hard-fought battles. Stoically loyal, Thrain commands the army of the Lonely Mountain at his behest.

Collecting these 2 models together, this multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Thror and Thrain. Thror wears a tunic, chainmail, serrated armour and carries a shield, all of which are sumptuously decorated, and Thrain wields a huge hammer, wearing an ornate fur-trim cloak with chain mail and elegant armour panels. Both models feature splendid, decorated braided beards and Thrain features long, flowing hair.

These models come as 6 resin components, and are supplied with 2 Citadel 25mm round bases.