Subterran Uprising Monster: Blastikutter

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The overlords of the Subterran Uprising are capable of melding flesh and metal in ways that only the most diabolical human engineers have ever considered before. Their mad science has peaked in the creation of Blastikutter, a creature that can literally view any challenge from multiple angles. Blastikutter’s two heads each control part of its nervous system and are capable of trading control of various parts of the creature as needed. Since there has been no attempt at communication from the Subterrans and the language of any creatures captured in battle is indecipherable to humanity’s most gifted linguists, the soldiers who first encounter a new member of this mole-like race usually coin the name used to refer to the creature in the future. Blastikutter’s name came easily enough to his first opponents since one of his arms bears a cruel mechanical cutting implement and the other arm ends in a cannon capable of blasting large holes out of any target. Blastikutter is a versatile monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. He shelters any allied Subterran Uprising units with the Earthworks he creates as he tunnels through the ground, making it difficult for enemies to engage them in melee combat. His two heads are both fully capable of independent Actions, doing Double Duty in planning and executing assaults on the surface world. When he goes hyper, he Follows Through with each blast or brawl attack, getting the most out of his varied armaments.