Stone Age


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The Dawn of Mankind

Our ancestors were hard workers, resting only very little. Luckily for us their ingenuity allowed them to make their work easier, day after day. In Stone Age, players are sent back to that arduous period of history. With tools, quite archaic at first, you will be able to collect wood, stone, and gold. These resources will allow you to attain higher levels of knowledge and build sturdier roofs over your head. Though luck plays an important part in the game, only those who master their fate will be able to grasp victory. Finally, one mustn't forget to feed their tribe as that would representa major setback for them. Relive History!

Carve your victory - in Stone

1 game board
18 tool tiles
4 player boards
1 first player token
68 wooden resources
36 civilization cards
40 wooden figures
7 dice
8 markers
1 leather dice cup
53 food tokens
1 rulebook
28 Building tiles

Ages 13 & up
2-4 Players
60-90 minutes