Shasvastii Corax Spec-Ops


Corvus Belli

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The Shasvastii Corax is a Spec Op utilized by the Combined Army. Unlike the brute force employed by the majority of Combine Army troops, the Corax specializes in covert operations. The Spec-Ops are specific troop-type to play narrative campaigns in Infinity (such as those in Daedalus' Fall).

The Cadmus Shasvastii (Combined Army) are an exact reflection of the military doctrines of this race: infiltration and unconventional war rather than direct confrontation; precision and economy of means before waste of force; and total adaptation to the environment and also to the enemy. The Cadmus are a prodigy of malleability, can scan any enemy troops that are in their vicinity and copy their capabilities, which is a quick and effective way to obtain elite troops. In addition, if this is not already enough fearsome, they have the ability to absorb organic matter to regenerate their wounds, literally devouring their opponents in body to body.
Blister contains:
  • 1x Corax
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