Shadow Sun Syndicate Monster: Zor-Voltis

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Zor-Voltis is a combat expert that has been enhanced with powerful electrical currents running all through his body. These can be used as a direct weapon, sending balls of lightning forward to smash into foes, often causing the power to arc to those nearby. The real power, however, is in his massively enhanced reaction speeds. His entire nervous system operates on an order of magnitude faster than other creatures. This, combined with his unparalleled martial prowess, allows him to anticipate and swiftly react to all manner of attacks directed at him.

Zor-Voltis is a monster with a focus on multiple attacks that can join any Protectors force. His enhanced nervous system, in conjunction with his genius fighting skills, grants Zor-Voltis a sort of Prescience while in the heart of battle. This allows him to deliver an Onslaught of lightning-enhanced attacks with exacting precision. His ability to predict the flow of combat is so great, its benefits carry over to his troops, allowing them to make powerful Coordinated Attacks.