Ponzi Scheme


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"Ponzi Scheme" is the term used to describe the technique Charles Ponzi used in 1919 to perpetrate one of the most notorious financial fraud in history. In theory, people were investing money and receiving dividends. In reality, there was no investment - all the dividends were paid using money from new "investors."

In Ponzi Scheme, players are scammers trying to trick investors into funding fraudulent investments with the promise of extremely high returns. You will need to make trades to keep your operation afloat as long as possible, because the dividends you need to pay every turn will pile higher and higher! When someone declares bankruptcy, the remaining fraudster who forged the biggest shell corporation wins the game!

5 Screens
4 Luxuries
72 Fund Cards
60 Industries
5 Time Wheels
5 Time Markers
1 Funding Board
1 Trading Envelope
1 Start Player Marker

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes