Monsterpocalypse Building: World Tree

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The World Tree is not so much a tree as it is a global living organism. A prominent member of the Vegetyrant family, the World Tree can appear anywhere at any time. Instantly blooming into the skyline, this seemingly ancient tree can grow to the size of a skyscraper. The World Tree acts as a planetary defense system, springing up for enemies to be smashed against. Thought to be extinct, these Titanis Dendro now can be spotted blossoming across the world as the Vegetyrants rise once more to their former glory.

The World Tree is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalypse force. It acts as base for the Vegetyrants, offering a discount on Vegetyrant units when secured. This mighty tree’s wood is so rich and verdant that it’s incombustible even under the greatest temperatures. Once it takes root, its Propagation is nearly impossible to stop.