Monsterpocalypse Buidling: Ancient Altar

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When the King of Camazotz was still merely a man, the Ancient Altar called to him in his nightmares, beckoning him to the jungle with whispers of salvation for his people who were suffering from the harshness of the Death Lands. There, on the Ancient Altar, the king sacrificed his honor guard, drank their blood, and became the embodiment of darkness. Now he ruthlessly draws power from many different altars as they poison the world with their dark magic.

The Ancient Altar is a base for Ancient Ones units that can be added to any Monsterpocalypse army while offering a discount on Ancient Ones units once secured. Within the Ancient Altar is a stone table for the next sacrifice, and flowing from it is a Sigil of Blood. And when one appears, it brings with it an unnatural Eclipse that opens the bridge to the Death Lands, allowing the corporeal to slip in and out of the shadow realm.