Mobelwagen 3.7cm AA Tank Platoon


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includes four Sd Kfz 10/4 2cm Light AA tanks or 2cm AA Gun Teams, one metal driver head sprue and two Unit cards.

Recognising the need for something heavier than the light 2cm, the Germans have started building a self-propelled 3.7cm Flakpanzer (anti-aircraft tank) on the Panzer IV chassis. The Flakpanzer IV is nicknamed ‘Möbelwagen’ or ‘Furniture Van’ for it’s slab-sided appearance until the armoured shields are folded down to give its 3.7cm AA gun an all-round field of fire. The tank chassis gives the Möbelwagen the mobility to keep up with the panzers, while the 3.7cm gun gives it the punch to bring down any aircraft.