Martian Menace Units: Reapers & Harvester

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Reaper battle walkers are among the most feared of ground forces deployed by the Martian Menace, striding swiftly through city streets and prioritizing the destruction of any defenders they encounter. Noted for their tremendous facility in climbing over barricades or crossing rubble, they have proven to be implacable foes. Harvesters, as their name implies, are sinister elements of the Martian Menace that prioritize and facilitate the capture of living subjects. They also assist in gathering other needed resources required for the depleted Martian home world. This blister pack provides Martian Menace reinforcements for any Destroyers player. Reapers provide Martian forces with a sturdy ground unit capable of scuttling over All Terrain to close with their targets. Harvesters lead the Abduction efforts of these alien invaders, supercharging the systems of their Saucer allies and using their built-in Manufacturing facilities to reinforce Martian forces with any materials on hand. Contains: Reapers (3) Elite Reaper (1) Harvester (1)