Marcher Worlds: Dragoon Air Cavalry – Faction Cadre

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The Dragoon Air Cavalry is the Coalition of Free States’ highly mobile strike force. At the heart of the Cadre are its two Dragoon squads, one specializing in unleashing firepower at range and the other specialists in combined arms. The squads are supported in turn by a shared Dragoon Gunner attachment armed with a physics destabilizing Particle Blaster, a Dragoon Strike Team Leader solo with a suite of command abilities, and the Storm Vulture, a flying vehicle Champion packing a powerful punch! This Cadre is especially noteworthy for its exceptional maneuverability. Disrupt your opponent’s offensive capabilities by dominating the rooftops until you are ready to strike at the time and place of your choosing.

  • All the models in this swift moving Cadre have flight to ensure complete mobility across the battlefield.
  • The models in the new Cadres are designed to work together and support each other in play.
  • The Storm Vulture vehicle includes a suite of new maneuvers tailored to its role as the champion of the Cadre.