Legolas™ Greenleaf and Tauriel™, Mirkwood™ Hunters

Games Workshop

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Legolas is the captain of the King's Guard, tasked with hunting down orc invaders that enter his father's realm and is an exceptional warrior even by Elven standards. Meanwhile, Tauriel is a tremendous fighter who is capable of facing multiple foes at once. She is matchless in the deadly press of combat, weaving through the ranks of her foes with her blades and leaving nought but stumbling corpses in her wake.

Tauriel, the Mirkwood exile comes armed with Elven-made daggers and an Elven bow. Prince Legolas is similarly armed and comes both mounted and on foot.

This highly detailed resin kit makes three models – Legolas on foot, Legolas mounted and Tauriel. It is supplied with two 25mm Citadel round bases and a 40mm Citadel round base. Their rules can be found in Armies of The Hobbit