Legendary Walks Looking



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Even if she had not been born blind, it wasn't an easy childhood for Walks Looking as the only daughter of the great hero of the Warrior Nation. Ghost Wolf's legend loomed over her but what others perceived as her disability meant that she was not sought for a wife or status symbol by the men of the tribes. Ghost Wolf might have been a hero to his people but he was a distant father for Walks Looking. Her brothers all died at the hands of the Union or Confederates during their Civil War and she grew to adulthood with only the counsel of the elder Irontooth for guidance. Frustrated with her blindness and freed from any expectations or demands, Walks Looking embodied her name as she was often found wandering the camps and plains honing her spiritual sight. Try as she might she did not display the gift to a degree that she could join the other Braves into battle and bring them glory rather than be a burden.

Dejected, Walks Looking searched for the chance to make her own mark. In meditation, she sought her animal spirit in the hope that she might be able to join the Spirit Walkers and display the traits of the wolf like her father or perhaps a mighty hawk like Alcon. Through that meditation, she received her answer from what she thought was the Great Spirit itself and she returned to her people with an insight and ability that disturbed and disquieted the elders as much as her newfound abilities were hailed as a miracle of the Great Spirit.

Invigorated, Walks Looking threw herself into the protection of her people in imitation of her father. Her heroism in those years is without question, but in the process Walks Looking began to have strange thoughts and experience periods of forgetfulness and gaps in her memory that left much unexplained - including moments when she awoke drenched in blood with the taste fresh on her lips. Fearing for her sanity, the final straw came when she inadvertently led many Youngbloods to their deaths. Anguished she took her own life as the shame too much to bear. But she did not die, instead, she rose up twisted and terrible - a tainted mockery of her former self, invigorated by the dark powers of the Hex.

For several years she lived as a tainted creature called Wicasasni, corrupting the young and strong of the tribes and creating a Dark Nation of followers. Ghost Wolf blamed himself for his daughter's corruption and when the opportunity came he led a daring raid to the creature's lair. Capturing her, Ghost Wolf took the screaming monstrosity to the sacred shrine that had been prepared by Raven Spirit for just this purpose. Searing her soul with the energies of the Great Spirit, the nightmarish wraith was torn from Walks Looking's body and banished from the shrine. As it was sent howling into the night, it took with it half of Walks Looking's soul.

Purified and restored to her people, Walks Looking is a powerful leader of the Warrior Nation. Though not fully trusted and resented by those who have lost loved ones to her tainted past, Walks Looking has led the Warrior Nation to many victories. Having lost none of her prodigious power but now unable to feel love or other strong emotions Walks Looking has a personal quest to find the demon Wicasasni. A quest to reclaim the lost half of her soul and free those who have fallen to Wicasasni’s corrupting influence.

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