Legendary Abraham Lincoln



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It became painfully clear to President Lincoln that he was best suited to shepherd his beloved nation back to peace -, but he could not do this from within the White House.

Using his ever-expanding web of agents to assist him, Lincoln staged his own assassination in 1866. He was then free to assume more direct control of the varied defences of the nation while his vice-president, Andrew Johnson, a capable bureaucrat with little to no imagination or drive, was left as a figurehead to rule in his place.

Abraham Lincoln was finally free to move out into the wide world in order to lead his extensive army of gifted killers through the shadows, conducting the infinite number of dark and dreadful deeds the times demanded of the nation should she expect to survive. Lincoln knew that there were things the Union Army could not be called upon to do, whether it was investigating dangers to the wounded country, to ferret out plots and schemes that threatened her, or eliminate potential problems before the public could even be aware of them. His Secret Service was essential to the health of the Union.

The Legendary Abraham Lincoln kit builds one multi-part resin miniature;

1x Legendary Abraham Lincoln
1x Base
Please note:

Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.