Keyflower: The Farmers Expansion



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Keyflower: The Farmers is an expansion for the game Keyflower. In Keyflower each player develops their own unique village over four seasons by successfully bidding for a range of village tiles, skills, resources and "keyples."

In Keyflower: The Farmers, players develop the agricultural side of their economy by acquiring new farm buildings, growing wheat, and collecting and breeding farm animals. Animals are kept in the fields created by the layout of the roads, adding a new dimension and considerations to the base game. Points can now be scored through the acquisition and breeding of the animals, by harvesting wheat, and from the layout of the fields.

21 Large Hexagonal Tiles
30 Wheat Tiles
12 Brown Wooden Cows
24 Pink Wooden Pigs
32 White Wooden Sheep

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 90-120 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Keyflower is required to play.