Iron Star Alliance Heavy Warjack: Morningstar A

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If the Firebrand is the premier support warjack of the Paladin forces, the imposing Morningstar provides the heavy firepower. Designed primarily as a modular weapon platform, the Morningstar’s reinforced chassis enables it to carry larger and more sophisticated armament than the lighter warjack. Its integral range amplifier even extends the range of its guns while it is charged, giving it a definite edge in any firefight. A cantankerous machine in any configuration, the Morningstar is at its most lethal when its ranged firepower is maximized.

While the warjack is charged, its Range Amplifier adds +1 RNG to its ranged weapons for each Arc on the warjack.

When the warjack is targeted by an attack, its Impulse Reciprocator enables it to spike to return fire on the attacking model. Remember, the best defense is an overwhelming offense.

Includes these weapons and cortexes:

Deadeye Cortex
Defender Cortex
Assault Shield
Heavy Fusion Glaive
Harbinger Cannon
Null Cannon
Starburst Missles