Hilda & Percy


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A resident of Esgaroth, Hilda Bianca leads the charge of the women, old and wounded from the great hall. Whilst not versed in combat, Hilda Bianca demonstrates tremendous courage. Armed with a fishing spear and rallying others behind her, she joins the men of Lake-town in the fight for Dale, knowing full well that this could be her end.

The former porter of Lake-town, Percy was a humble man and an upstanding pillar of the community. During The Battle of the Five Armies, he rose to the occasion to become second-in-command under Bard the Bowman™. Percy proved himself to be as skilled an archer as he is a leader, rallying the survivors of Lake-town to stand defiant amidst the heat of battle.

This multipart resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Hilda Bianca & Percy, Heroes of Lake-town. Hilda Bianca is posed defiantly, bunching her skirts out of the way with one hand, an enormous barbed fishing spear in the other. Percy, with his detailed long hair and beard, wields his bow in his left hand, drawing it back with the other. On his hip is modelled a quiver, peeking out from beneath his overcoat.

These 2 models come as 5 components, and are supplied with 2 25mm round bases.