Galadhrim™ Elf Commanders


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Though the armies of the Elven Kingdoms seldom march to open war, they guard many of Middle-earth's chief havens, and shield many lands that would have no hope of protecting themselves. Amongst this glittering host are the armies of Lothlórien, who only march to war in the very direst of circumstances. These Elves, known as the Galadhrim, are some of the finest warriors in all of Middle-earth. Equipped with finely crafted Elven bows, and well-balanced glaives, they are exceptional fighters that have held back the forces of darkness for many centuries. Amongst these Elves are the Captains and heralds of Lothlórien - those who have fought for many years against The Dark Lord Sauron, and who now lead the armies of that great forest into battle, inspiring their fellow Galadhrim to fight to the very last. 

This boxed set contains a set of Galadhrim Commanders. These models are resin cast miniatures, including a Galadhrim Captain, a Warrior with war horn, a banner bearer, and a Galadhrim Stormcaller. They are supplied as 4 separate components, and come with four 25mm round bases.