Easterling Dragon Cult Acolytes (Forge World)


Games Workshop

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Within the Dragon Cult, only those who show true promise will progress from the Black Dragons to the Dragon Cult Acolytes. It is here, within the order, that the Acolytes learn to develop the greater sense of agility and dexterity that they require to become fully fledged Dragon Knights. Yet the trials are rigorous; Acolytes don much lighter armour to aid their fluid movement and will often spend hours on end forced to evade the blades and arrows of their sparring partners as they hone their skills. Constant practice makes the Dragon Cult Acolytes fearsome foes when they are unleashed upon the battlefield.

Give your Easterling army a honed edge and cut your way through the enemy battleline with these elite killers. Their combination of throwing daggers, twin swords, and murderous profile enable Dragon Cult Acolytes to engage and swiftly overwhelm multiple opponents at once.

This kit comprises 18 resin components with which you can assemble 3x Dragon Cult Acolytes, and it comes supplied with 3x Citadel 25mm Round Bases.