Dominion: Intrigue


Rio Grande Games

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Something's afoot. The steward smiles at you like he has a secret, or like he thinks you have a secret, or like you think he thinks you have a secret. There are secret plots brewing, you're sure of it. At the very least, there are yours. A passing servant murmurs, "The eggs are on the plate." You frantically search your codebook for the translation before realizing he means that breakfast is ready. Excellent. Everything is going to according to plan.

Dominion: Intrigue adds 25 new Kingdom cards to Dominion. There are victory cards that do some new things for you, underlings that give you a choice as to what to do, and a variety of other people and places. These cards can be played with the cards from the base game or on their own. The rules include how to play a game with up to 6 players. By combing the money and victory cards with those in the basic game, players will have sufficient cards to play with more than 4 players.


500 Cards

Storage Tray

Rule Booklet

Ages: 13+

Players: 2-4

Game Length: 30 minutes

This game can be played on its own or combined with Dominion for enhanced play.