Cry Havoc


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Deep in a quadrant of space believed to be empty, a virgin, unexplored planet has been discovered by three unique, powerful species. The resources of the planet are abundant beyond belief, but are protected vigorously by the indigenous species, known as the Trogs. The riches of the planet will be won, inch by inch, with blood.

Cry Havoc is an asymmetric, card driven area control game for 2-4 players. Each player controls one of the four unique species and fights viciously to gather the most resources on the planet. Players customize their deck of cards, build powerful structures, and leverage their unique Skills to emerge victorious.

Recruit Your Troops - Your forces are represented by 52 high quality miniatures for four species: Pilgrims, Humans, Machines, and Trogs.

Give Orders - There are regions to conquer, structures to build, and unique skills and terrain to use to your advantage.

Lead Your Army - Control regions to harvest the crystals. Capture prisoners in battle. Leverage your unique skills.

Unique, Tactical Battle System - Do you take control of the territory? Capture prisoners? Or just scorch everything? Every battle forces you to choose which objectives are most important.

20 Skill Cards
64 Tactics Cards
6 Event Tokens
12 Exploration Tokens
12 Trog Nest Tokens
18 Trog War Party Tokens
8 Battle Tokens
1 Action Marker
40 HQ Tokens
14 Structure Tiles
46 Structure Tokens
3 Artillery Tokens
3 Watchtower Tokens
32 Control Tokens
5 Scoring Enabled Tokens
4 Score Tokens
8 Initiative Tokens
52 Unit Miniatures
50+ Plastic Crystals
1 Main Board
1 Battle Board
4 Faction Boards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes