Cirion and Beregond


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Hailing from a noble family, Cirion is among the younger captains of Gondor. Though he lacks the experience of warfare that many others have, he compensates for his lack of years with a self-confidence and bravado that few others possess.

A member of the Citadel Guard, Beregond not only possesses a strong sword arm but is also a skilled archer. Like all Citadel Guard, Beregond is unshakably loyal to the White Tower and dedicated to the ideals of Gondor. However, he is no unthinking servant. Without the timely intervention of Beregond and Pippin, Faramir would have perished upon the funeral pyre along with his father.

These two Heroes of Gondor are excellent additions to any army of Minas Tirith, combining skill, courage and resilience born of their sturdy armour. Cirion bears a sword and shield, while Beregond is armed with a sword and longbow.

This set contains two metal miniatures – Cirion and Beregond – each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base.