Cartagena (2nd Edition)


Rio Grande Games

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First, you can choose which part of the story to play. The basic-game reproduces only the first part of the jailbreak: the escape from the fortress to the sloop; but you may also choose to play the second part through the island of Tortuga or the whole story as well. You can also shorten or stretch the game, varying the number of board segments and/or pirates.

Then, you can give a try to the Morgan version. It’s an alternative way of recharging cards, which will force you to explore completely new strategies.

Finally, you can land to the Black Magic Woman system. Things change here. Whatever scenario and version you choose, everything becomes magical and each card acquires a special and intriguing power: it’s up to you to decide when and where to use them.

Not enough for you? Easy! You’ll find more nice surprises!

8 Board Segments
102 Cards
1 Sloop Board in Good Shape
1 Sloop Board Half Flooded
1 Jail Board
1 Pirate Cove Board
30 Pirates
8 Treasure Chest Tiles

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 30-60 minutes