Bulge: American Forces on the Western Front, 1944-45


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Inside Bulge: American Forces on the Western Front, 1944-45 you will find:

Background on the US Army during liberation of France, the Battle of the Bulge, and the battle for Germany.

Instructions on how to build:

  • Veteran M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Company with options for new variants of the M4 Sherman, like the M4 Sherman (late 75mm) with improved armour and mobility, the M4 Sherman (late 76mm) also with improved mobility, and the M4 Jumbo assault tank with heavy front and side armour so they can lead the way. The M4 Easy Eight has a 76mm gun and improved suspension for even better mobility and improved stabiliser benefits. You can also tank the mighty M26 Pershing heavy tank with its 90mm gun and thick armour, or an experimental T26 Super Pershing with its extra long 90mm gun and even more armour.
  • Veteran M24 Chaffee Tank Company: these well motivated and trained light tankers benefit from the new M24 Chaffee light tanks. This new tank is just as fast as the Stuart, but benefits from a 75mm gun, just like the M4 Sherman. These can be backed up by M8 Scott assault gun for indirect fire support.
  • M4 Sherman (Late) Tank Company represents the fresh troops just arriving in Europe and are equipped with the same selections of M4 Sherman tanks as the Veterans. They can also call on their own artillery in the form of the M4 Sherman (Calliope) tank platoon fitted with salvo rocket launchers, or the M4 Sherman (late 105mm) assault gun armed with a 105mm gun.
  • M24 Chaffee Tank Company also represents fresh troop who have been issued with new M24 Chaffee light tanks.
  • Battle Weary Armoured Rifle Company: Some troops have been fighting nonstop since Normandy, and though they vastly experienced they are less inclined to do anything rash in battle.
  • Battle Weary Rifle Company: The riflemen of the infantry divisions in particular have had a hard slog from Normandy to the German border. However, their experience makes them excellent fighters, especially in defence.
  • Bastogne Parachute Rifle Company: The toughest troops in the book are the parachute riflemen. These battered bastards of Bastogne will hold out at all cost, mounting savage counter-attacks when required. They are supported directly by their own artillery, anti-tank and recon.
  • Bastogne Glider Rifle Company: By late 1944 the green glider troops of Normandy have become veteran fighters, almost equal to their parachute brothers in their skill and determination.
  • M18 Tank Destroyer Company sees the arrival of the M18 Hellcat tank-destroyer, a fast and mobile anti-tank vehicle armed with the excellent 76mm gun.
  • M36 Tank Destroyer Company: These veteran troops can either be armed with the tried and trusted M10 tank-destroyer, or the new up-armed M36 tank-destroyer with the excellent 90mm anti-tank gun.
Bulge: American Forces on the Western Front, 1944-45 Spotlight

All these formations are well-supported with artillery, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, aircraft and reconnaissance. Among these you will find the new M5 Stuart Cavalry Recon Patrol, armed with fast and well-armed Stuart tanks instead of M8 Greyhound armoured cars, and T27 Xylophone multiple rocket launchers to saturate the battlefield with high-explosive rockets.

You will also find Painting and Basing guides as well as three new Bulge themed Missions.
You will also find optional Fog and Winter Weather rules to add the effects of adverse weather conditions to your games.

This book expands extensively on the teams, units and formations available to play with for US forces, adding many more options to expand your force, or to start a new one. This book is well-worth a look for your next late-war Flames Of War project.