Bard the Bowman™ on Foot & Mounted


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Descended from the noble lords of Dale, Bard is the descendant of Girion and heir to the rule of Dale. Following the slaying of the Dragon, Smaug, Bard took up his rightful place as leader of the Men of the Lake. Proving to be as noble a leader as his ancestors, Bard journeys to Erebor to seek fair settlement from the Dwarves in order to rebuild the homes of his people. However, Bard finds himself thrust into the middle of a battle against Azog's legions. Proving his skill in combat, Bard's efforts at the Battle of the Five Armies inspire his followers to draw on the reserves of courage that only a handful knew they possessed.

This resin kit contains 7 components which make 2 miniatures: Bard the Bowman, Girion Lord of Dale's Heir on foot and Bard the Bowman, Girion Lord of Dale's Heir mounted on a horse.