Bandit/Hex Cutthroats & Gunmen



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Life in the West is hard enough for the law abiding, but for those living as outlaws it will make or break you. Bandits are armed with a mixture of pistols and rifles, roaming the frontier causing trouble and taking what they want - unless the Law stops them.

At times these men and women are drawn down an even darker path where the callous nature of their life makes them treat their fellows just as brutally. The negative passions and emotions of some gunslingers are exaggerated by an otherworldly influence. Shunning even those that they once called friends, these tainted killers are recruited by the Dark Council to fight for a darker cause than their own selfish desires.

This set contains

5 x Bandit/Hex Cutthroats

5 x Bandit/Hex Gunmen Miniatures

10 x Bases