Aeternus Continuum Mantlet: Defense Pylon

PIP 84023

Privateer Press

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The Aeternus Continuum makes good use of prefabricated defense pylons both in the defense of their temples and on the battlefield. These simple constructions offer cover to their forces in battle and restrict the movements of their enemies. These defensive barriers are equipped with mechanika devices that can draw power from enemy Cyphers.

  • Mantlets are a new type of model that can be deployed to the battlefield like units. Once deployed, mantlets are stationary and provide cover.
  • Friendly models can move through mantlets while enemies cannot.
  • Grant the Compound Armor advantage to friendly models within 2˝ of it.
  • If an enemy Cypher targets a model within 3˝ of this model, after the Cypher has been resolved you can charge a friendly unit within 3˝ of this model.