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World in Flames Collector's Edition hard-mounted Map set

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In 1985 Australian Design Group launched what would become the definitive international award winning game of World War II, World in Flames. Now after 32 years we are giving you the greatest strategy game ever.

If you are interested in buying the World in Flames Collector's edition Deluxe game please go here, or for the Classic game please go here. They also provide many details about the game

This page is if you wish to buy the World in Flames Collector's edition map set only.


The World in Flames Collector's edition Map set consists of:

    • 4 large (574 x 850mm) full-colour hard-mounted maps covering most of the world (West Europe & Africa, East Europe & the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific);
    • One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted map of The Americas; and
    • One 297 x 420 mm full-colour hard-mounted Turn record chart.


The World in Flames Collector's edition Map set is available and now being shipped.

Warning: The World in Flames Collector's edition map set is not a complete game. It needs any edition of World in Flames in order to be played.