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Last Night on Earth: Blood in the Forest Expansion

Veiledende pris: 479 kr
Utsalgspris 383 kr
Lagerstatus: 1

Pushing further into the woods to escape the Zombie overrun town of Timber Peak, the small band of survivors encounters new horrors at every turn. Savagely hungry Feral Dead stalk the trails for fresh meat, and several of the old logging crew now roam the forest in their hunt for brains, dragging behind them their still-running chainsaws!!

The Blood in the Forest Expansion sees the Heroes fight their way deeper into the forested mountains to escape the Zombie outbreak, and can be added to Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak or directly to the original Last Night on Earth. Featuring a full set of Forest Boards (4 Corners and 4 Straight pieces) as well as a new double-sided Forest Center Board (with the Airfield), two new types of Zombie figures to hunt down the Heroes - a pack of vicious Feral Dead and the menacing Zombie Behemoths, 2 new Heroes - Sister Ophelia, the reformed nun, and Agent Carter, an FBI agent who knows more about the outbreak than he lets on, as well as a host of new Hero and Zombie cards, counters, Scenarios, and Game Mechanics.

Blood in the Forest also includes and expands on the Experience system originally introduced in Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak. As the Zombie plague spreads, the forests will run red!

1 Full Color Rulebook
1 Forest Center/Airfield Game Board
4 L-shaped Forest Outer Boards
4 Straight Forest Connector Boards
2 Unique Hero Figures (Grey)
6 Zombie Feral Dead Figures (Dark Grey)
2 Giant Zombie Behemoth Figures (Dark Grey)
20 Hero Deck Cards
20 Zombie Deck Cards
15 Hero Upgrade Card Decks
6 Zombie Upgrade Deck Cards
2 Large Hero Character Sheets
3 Large Game Scenario Cards
2 Sheets of Full Color Die-cut Counters

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of either Last Night on Earth or Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak is required to play.