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Carcassonne: Big Box

Veiledende pris: 999 kr
Utsalgspris 799 kr
Lagerstatus: 1

The full Carcassonne experience! The base game, 5 expansions (The River, Inn & Cathedrals, Traders and Builders, Hills & Sheep, The Wheel of Fortune), and much more in one box!

Whether you're a huge Carcassonne fan or experiencing this award-winning game for the first time, the Carcassonne: Big Box has something for everyone. The expansions included in the box change the game in new and exciting ways and can be used in any combination, guaranteeing a new experience every time you play. Inside you will also find two brand new colors of followers, allowing you to play Carcassonne with 7 or 8 players for the first time. An organized insert and clearly marked expansion tiles make combining and separating expansions a breeze.

Carcassonne Base Game
- 72 Land Tiles
- 8 50/100-point Tiles
- 1 Scoreboard
- 64 Wooden Followers

Inns and Cathedrals Expansion
- 18 Land Tiles
- 8 Large Followers

Traders and Builders Expansion
- 24 Land Tiles
- 8 Pigs
- 20 Goods Tokens
- 8 Builders

Hills and Sheep Expansion
- 18 Land Tiles
- 18 Sheep and Wolf Tokens
- 8 Shepherds

The River Expansion
- 12 Land Tiles

The Wheel of Fortune
- 1 Wheel of Fortune Board
- 12 Land Tiles
- 1 Large Pig

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 40 minutes