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The Game of 504 Worlds

In this box there are 504 different games! There are 9 different modules that make 504 different games a reality!

To play any of the 504 games, choose 3 of the game modules. The first module determines the winning condition, the second defines how players earn money, an the third provides the overall direction. The result is a total of 9x8x7 = 504 completely different games!

Choose from the following 9 modules:

Pick Up and Deliver: You travel across the world to deliver goods to the cities.

Race: In this world, you try to be faster than your opponents.

Privileges: You obtain advantages in this world by getting personal abilities.

Military:You experience a world full of conflicts, dice battles and backstabbery.

Exploring: You explore an unknown world tile by tile.

Roads By building a personal network of roads, you connect the furthest places in the world.

Majorities: You always try to own more than your opponents

Production: You produce the goods of this world.

Shares: You fight as financial sharks for your personal wealth.

61 Board Tiles
296 Wooden Parts
421 Cardboard Tiles
160 Game Cards
The Book of Worlds
and a lot more!

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-120 minutes